"Thanks for entertaining us, a fabulous night, stunning voices, splendid harmonies and excellent musicians. A total joy to listen"

Adele, Chester Folk Festival Taster Concert at The Lord Binning in Kelsall, January 2016

Julie Wright and Marilyn Farrington

sing an eclectic mix of songs both old and new with stunning vocal harmonies and skillfully played, well-crafted accompaniments on guitar, concertina, flute, cittern or harp

Liadan - Julie and Marilyn in the recording studio March, 2016

“ Thank you Barlow Cree and Laidan for an excellent night!
Spread the word! Great talent! Great entertainment!”

Peter Thompson, Northwich Folk Club - February 2016

Liadan is pronounced Lee-Uh-Din and is an Irish gaelic name which roughly translates as 'grey lady'.  When trying to come up with a band name, Julie was looking for something that would reflect the fact that neither woman in the band is exactly in the first flush of youth!  Ahem!  So... two grey ladies!

We are based near Whitchurch, Shropshire

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